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3:11 PM (7 hours ago)

Hi Lori and Anthony, Sorry to take so long to get back to you. My schedule has been crazy and trying to work with everyone else’s schedules, it looks like Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to try to meet. If you can let me know how your schedules look starting with October 27 and 28, I’ll try to coordinate a date. At this point we just want to come out and try to get an idea of where there might be/have been areas of concern. This is not an official site assessment, but more of a chance for us to see the area and help determine our next steps. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Larry A. BrownCommunity Involvement CoordinatorSuperfund Community Involvement and Outreach BranchU.S. EPA Region 31650 Arch St. (3HS52)Philadelphia, PA 19103Office: 215-814-5527fax:

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